We are about to use Zoom in our application to conduct meetings and conferences on Medical topics

Developers build apps and integrate zoom in our developed mobile application. The part of Zoom in this application is to conduct periodic based regular meetings, international online conferences and group discussions. So with the easy integration of this zoom app we can smoothen the arrangements of meetings, conferences and discussion.

Installation – REQUIRED

  • Need to install Ispghan app from the play store and register as member or non – member registration then we will automatically zoom installation will be done in background and register with the given details.
  • If there is any issues or help need to conduct meeting and joint the meeting you can contact us in mail at anytime :


  • Allow the camera, video recording, audio and internal file save and internet permissions.
  • Login user details will show in the profile detail page. Check the meeting list and joint if there is a meeting available.
  • After login you can get the meeting invite list and your meeting list. You can add and modify.
  • You can create your own meeting with your meeting id and invite the person with our app and mail.
  • You can chat with the persons who are to be in the meeting and share the files in the chat.
  • Users can set the setting we can record the meeting, video and audio allowed or not-allowed.

Uninstallation – REQUIRED

  • If you uninstall the app your internal files will be cleared from your system.
  • If you want to remove the account you can sign out (or) remove the account options will be allowed for users.
  • Uninstall procedure
    1. Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.
    2. Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the Ispghan app.
    3. Click the Ispghan app.
    4. Click Uninstall.


  • Zoom login basically we will login into the zoom account at background itself because the user ones login the app automatically – If you need to conform you can move to meeting and check it.
  • Audio connection issues can happen when you connect with headphone check with setting and make test before audio.

Contact Support – OPTIONAL

  • Description of what customers can expect when engaging your support team, such as :
    1. Your Support Team can help 24/7 as customer requirements.
    2. 1st human Response will available in 15 mins form the request
  • Use this link for support
  • If you need any email support contact
  • Link to your Zoom IM – Live Customer Support Channel
  • Support Phone Number also : 4428344689