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Indian society of pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition (ISPGHAN) is largest body of pediatric gastroenterologist, hepatologist and dieticians in India.

The society was formed to provide and promote knowledge on Gastrointestinal, liver and nutrition related problems with specific focus on Indian children.

ISPGHAN also supports education and research via teaching programms

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President Message

Secretary Message

Secretary Message

Dear Senior’s and Colleagues
It is a pleasure for me to take over as the 5th Secretary of ISPGHAN. ISPGHAN has so far been riding on its solid growth which was sculpted by the hard work of our movement’s stalwarts for last many years. Now it is time for us to take charge and do some value addition on our part.
“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams,” said Eleanor Roosevelt. Let us put our minds together and look into the future with creative strategies for meeting emerging challenges. I aspire that by the end of this decade ISPGHAN becomes a truly international and globally recognised organization. These two years will be stepping stone towards the long term goal.
We need your full involvement and participation. Let us herald a resurgent ISPGHAN with new vision and enthusiasm. I express my best wishes to you all and seek your continued co-operation and participation in ISPGHAN activities at all times.
Stay Safe and Safe Lives

Dr. Shrish Bhatnagar
Secretary, ISPGHAN 2022-23

President Message

Dear All
Thank you for your love, faith, support and it’s my proud privilege to serve the fraternity as President of ISPGHAN.

Vision / Agenda

Being the founder secretary of ISPGHAN in 2014, I am pleased to see the growth it has made over the last 7 years. In the last couple of years the development of website is truly applaudable.

In a rapidly developing country of ours we have non uniformity of health care at various places / cities /zones besides rural and urban areas. My vision is to address the above issue and improve the academics and research in the field of Pediatric Gastroenterology & Hepatology in India.

  • Improving the ‘OUTREACH’ education programmes of ISPGHAN  to doctors (pediatricians / physicians) where the society is expected to  impart basic and uniform  knowledge to one and all on diagnosis of common GI and liver conditions, appropriate management including early referral to expert / centre as needed. 
  • Enhance  structure and quality of training (fellowship programme) of youngsters.
  • Producing “Practice guidelines” on the topics not yet covered, involving a blend of various seniors and youngsters in this field. 
  • Constitute an Academic / Research committee to initiate research activity in various centres in the country.
  • Enhance the visibility of our journal and improve the quality  through  expert committee.
  • Conduct  annual conference where on the first day a galaxy of international experts are invited (online if necessary) to appraise our Pediatric Gastroenterologists, Hepatologists on the recent developments. Of-course the 2nd day would be dedicated to imparting knowledge to the  Pediatricians. Plan 2 mid term CMEs in different zones, one of which would be theme based.
  • Attempt to increase the awareness amongst public/parents on recognition of this speciality and need to seek opinion from Pediatric Gastroenterologists,  Hepatologists whenever available.
  • To constitute a committee to generate adequate funds as needed for the execution of various agenda.
  • To enhance Membership

I am extremely happy to have Dr. Shirish  Bhatnagar , a  sincere and dedicated person taking over as Secretary of our society . In addition its my pleasure to introduce our executive team – Dr. Vishnu Biradar (treasurer ) , Dr. Jagadeesh Menon VR ( Jt. Treasurer),  Dr.R. K. Gupta, Dr. Rimjhim Srivastava,  Dr. Bikrant Bihari Lal , Dr. Aathira Ravindranath , and Dr.Sumit Kumar Singh.

Happy to share  that  Lalit  Bharadia would take over as Editor in Chief  of our  Journal along with a bright and dynamic team comprising of Moinak Sen, Rajeev Khanna, Rimjhim Srivastava , Aathira Ravindranath,  Jaya Agarwal and  Prasanth KS.

I sincerely look forward for ideas from various members and please do not hesitate to connect me on 9811043475.

Warm Regards
Dr. Neelam Mohan
President – ISPGHAN
Director Department of Pediatric Gastroenterology,
Hepatology and Liver Transplant
Incharge of Pediatrics
Medanta The Medicity, GurugramP
President - CAPGAN