• Elected fellows will comprise those among the Life/ affiliate foreign members, or persons of international eminence in the field of Pediatric gastroenterology, who are chosen by a committee comprising the President, Secretory and 3 members elected for a two year term during the general body meeting.
  • Selection of fellows shall be in recognition of their contribution to the cause of Pediatric Gastroenterology in India or abroad.
  • The fellows will be accorded a separate membership number and shall use the title FISPG.
  • One fellow may be selected for every 150 members in the society, until the membership of the society reaches 750, after which the general body shall alter this ratio as deemed fit.
  • The award will be given in annual conference of ISPGHAN.

2019: Dr. S. K. Yaccha


Applications are invited every year for “MEHTA, MITTAL, SHANKARNARAYANAN ORATION” as Annual Award of Indian Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (ISPGHAN) before the annual conference.

Criteria for application:

  • Application is invited every year before annual conference.
  • The applicant should be the member of ISGPHAN and resident of India.
  • The applicant should be practising Pediatric Gastroenterology/ Hepatology.
  • Mention ISPGHAN membership number on the top of the application (mandatory).
  • Applicant should attach details of Achievements and full CV with special emphasis on points given under “E” below.
  • Last date of submission is informed by e mail to every member before the annual conference.
  • Applications should be submitted to secretory on email id :

Selection Process :

  • The applications will be assessed and scored by committee on the following criteria: Awards/Oration, Publications in the related field, Setting up of training programs with academic outcome, Abstracts in various conferences, Outreach contribution (e.g.: lectures, workshop etc.), organization of society/speciality meetings.
  • Selected awardee shall have to deliver an oration of 25 minutes in the annual conference.
  • They will receive the certificate and plaque during annual conference.

(The above format is as per the approved Governing Body decision of ISPGHAN.)


Dr. Anupam sibal

YEAR 2015

Dr. S K Yachha

YEAR 2016

Dr.Neelam Mohan

YEAR 2017

Dr. Seema Alam

YEAR 2018

Dr. John Matthai

YEAR 2019


  • C P Mittal Award is a prestigious award instituted by ISPGHAN for young researchers (DM / PDCC / MD / DNB / Fellows in the speciality of Pediatrics / Pediatric Gastroenterology / Pediatric Hepatology) upto 35 years of age who present their scientific work as oral presentation in the Annual conference each year.
  • Interested authors are supposed to send the electronic version of the complete manuscript in PDF format to six months before the annual conference.
  • The papers will be reviewed by the scientific committee for their merit. Authors of all selected papers will be informed by email. All selected papers will be presented during the Annual ISPGHAN conference
  • The first author of the award winning scientific paper will receive a grant of INR 10,000/- along with recognition at a reception during ISPGHAN annual conference
  • The electronic versions of the following materials are required as part of the application:
    1. Full manuscript of the scientific paper (including abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, conclusion, references with tables and/or figures) should be submitted in accordance with the “Indian Pediatrics guidelines to authors” for an original article.
    2. CV of the Applicant
    3. Cover letter describing the following terms:
      1. Applicant’s role in the research presented in the scientific paper.
      2. Scientific paper represents original work and not presented or published previously.
      3. Consent for the scientific paper to be accepted as free paper or poster should it not find a place for award.
    4. Identity proof indicating date of birth.
    5. Letter of recommendation from head of department where the original work is done.
    6. Registration for ISPGHAN annual conference confirming participation.


Hepatobiliary and gastrointestinal (oral presentation)

  • There are 2 plenary sessions of oral paper presentations, one being Liver/Pancreato biliary & second being Gastrointestinal disorders. six best papers from GI and Liver/ Pancreatobiliary each (total of 12 abstracts) are selected by a panel of judges from all the abstracts submitted for the meeting on the basis of scientific content. These papers are then presented in the plenary session.
  • For these presentations only abstract needs to be submitted.
  • There is no age bar for the Plenary Sessions.
  • The study should not have been published in a journal already.
  • The candidate may send one or more number of abstracts under the headings above.
  • They should mention their abstract category (Liver-pancreatobiliary /gastrointestinal ) and choice of presentation ( oral / poster / either of the two) .
  • The same paper cannot be submitted for both Plenary and CP Mittal award.
  • All papers presented in the plenary session are scored by a panel of judges. The best three in both categories are awarded at the conference.
  • Oral presentation is to be done in 7minutes followed by 2 minutes for Question & answers.


  • Only abstract needs to be submitted.
  • There is no age bar for submission.
  • The study should not have been published in a journal already.
  • The candidate may send one or more number of abstracts under the headings above. Should mention their abstract category (Liver-pancreatobiliary /gastrointestinal )
  • From all the abstracts submitted for the meeting, 20 best abstracts will be marked as posters of excellence by a panel of judges and the remaining will be simple posters.
  • Thus, from all abstracts submitted the first 6 in both categories (GI and hepatobiliary, total of 12 papers) will be selected for plenary session. The next 10 in both categories (i.e total 20) will be poster of excellence and the remaining will be simple posters.
  • Posters will be on display during the meeting and the display /Judging timings of the posters will be announced closer to the date of the conference.
  • There will be 6 prizes (3-GI and 3-liver/pancreatobiliary) for the poster session.
  • Of all the posters received, 20 best posters will be selected on the basis of scientific content and these will be labelled as “posters of distinction”.
  • He presenters of these 20 posters will be given free accommodation by the organising team.
  • Details of Website for abstract upload,date of presentation, oral vs poster and format of posters etc will be announced by the conference organizers
  • The last date for submission will be informed to all members by mail and put up on the website.