Mehta, Mittal, Shankarnarayanan Oration
Applications are invited every year for “MEHTA, MITTAL, SHANKARNARAYANAN ORATION” as Annual Award of Indian Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (ISPGHAN) before the annual conference .

Criteria for application:

    1. Application is invited every year before annual conference.
    2. The applicant should be the member of ISGPHAN and resident of India.
    3. The applicant should be practising Pediatric Gastroenterology/ Hepatology.
    4. Mention ISPGHAN membership number on the top of the application (mandatory).
    5. Applicant should attach details of Achievements and full CV with special emphasis on points given under “E” below.
    6. Last date of submission is informed by e mail to every member before the annual conference.
    7. Applications should be submitted to secretory on email id :

Selection Process:

    1. The applications will be assessed and scored by committee on the following criteria: Awards/Oration, Publications in the related field, Setting up of training programs with academic outcome, Abstracts in various conferences, Outreach contribution (e.g.: lectures, workshop etc.), organization of society/speciality meetings.
    2. Selected awardee shall have to deliver an oration of 25 minutes in the annual conference.
    3. They will receive the certificate and plaque during annual conference.

(The above format is as per the approved Governing Body decision of ISPGHAN.)


Year 2015
Dr. Anupam sibal
Year 2016
Dr. S K Yachha
Year 2017
Dr.Neelam Mohan
Year 2018
Dr. Seema Alam
Year 2019
Dr. John Matthai