C P Mittal Award
  1. C P Mittal Award is a prestigious award instituted by ISPGHAN for young researchers (DM / PDCC / MD / DNB / Fellows in the speciality of Pediatrics / Pediatric Gastroenterology / Pediatric Hepatology) upto 35 years of age who present their scientific work as oral presentation in the Annual conference each year.
  2. Interested authors are supposed to send the electronic version of the complete manuscript in PDF format to ispghansec@gmail.com six months before the annual conference.
  3. The papers will be reviewed by the scientific committee for their merit. Authors of all selected papers will be informed by email. All selected papers will be presented during the Annual ISPGHAN conference
  4. The first author of the award winning scientific paper will receive a grant of INR 10,000/- along with recognition at a reception during ISPGHAN annual conference
  5. The electronic versions of the following materials are required as part of the application:
    • Full manuscript of the scientific paper (including abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, conclusion, references with tables and/or figures) should be submitted in accordance with the “Indian Pediatrics guidelines to authors” for an original article.
    • CV of the Applicant
    • Cover letter describing the following terms:
      1. Applicant’s role in the research presented in the scientific paper.
      2. Scientific paper represents original work and not presented or published previously.
      3. Consent for the scientific paper to be accepted as free paper or poster should it not find a place for award.
    • Identity proof indicating date of birth.
    • Letter of recommendation from head of department where the original work is done.
    • Registration for ISPGHAN annual conference confirming participation.