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Pediatric Gut and Liver e Journal (PGLJ) is official journal of Indian Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Hepatology (ISPGHAN). This e journal is just the s

tepping to official print journal of ISPGHAN which we will have very soon hopefully. Presently it is going to be a quarterly e journal.

The Editorial Board of PGLJ wants to create a balanced journal that appeals both to general pediatric fraternity and of course to the pediatric gastroenterologist. We dream of making PGLJ an international forum for sharing the best ideas in coming times.

PGLJ will have the following sections:

  • Invited Review article: Will include a comprehensive write-up on common topic of pediatric
           gastroenterology which is of interest among both pediatricians and pediatric GI specialist.
  • Clinico Pathological Conference: Where in authors objectively will summarize both clinical and
           pathological findings to ascertain the sequence of events leading to death.
  • Case Reports: Of uncommon presentation of Common disease or uncommon disease
  • Guess the Diagnosis: A Pictographic Trivia.
  • Social Edge: Where we will try to have a pediatric gastroenterologist viewpoint on social aspects of disease
          which we treat
  • Section of Journal: Watch will have two parts. First part covers important international publications related
          to different aspects of Pediatric Gastroenterology. The second section is a unique section as part of journal
          watch where in we have incorporated all article published by ISPGHAN members in previous months
  • ISPGHAN Kaleidoscope: Section deals with activities done under the ISPGHAN banner both at state and
           national level. Our society is growing and actively doing many activities throughout the country which
           needs to be shared with the rest of the pediatric community.

We request all of you esteemed members to volunteer and send us your contributions for the above mentioned sections. We also request you to pass on the message to Trainees (DMs, FNBs, PDCCs, and Fellowships) for it will be a great place for them to start their academic venture.

Kindly submit your contribution in MS word only at:


Surender Yachha
Malathi Sathiyasekaran


Shrish Bhatnagar

Chief Editor

Rajeev Khanna

Associate Editor

Rishi Bolia

Associate Editor

Moinak Sen Sarma

Associate Editor

Rimjhim Srivastava

Associate Editor


Associate Editor